27 April 2006

Another Flight 93 movie

It looks like there will be another Flight 93 movie, this one apparently more authentic and thoughtful than the propaganda that was on A&E. It will open tomorrow.

It's simply titled United 93.

I've been told that the contents were approved in advance by the families of the passengers and crew. The director's credentials seem much more impressive and fairer than in the other movie.

The director's approach seems fresh. He cast unknown actors, made them study the lives of their roles through reading materials and family contacts, and had them pretty much improvise their lines in a panic situation. Of course, authentic script was used when re-creating the telephone calls and ATC communications. To add to the authentic feel, some of the crewmembers in this movie were played by actual United Airlines crewmembers, with full support from the company. The use of real United insignia in the movie further indicates the airline's approval.

Since I am writing my novel in a way that Martha, Sarah's first love, ends up as the sixth flight attendant on United 93, I will make sure to watch the movie, and have a better understanding of Martha's last moments. Martha may have lived a short, hard life, but she did not die in vain, and I want to show that.

United 93

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