20 March 2006

Lack of activity

I haven't posted here at all this month.

As I explained in the main blog, I have been struck with Bell's Palsy, which has paralyzed half of my face. I will recover fully, but it will take time - a few months, to be exact. I've been taking things very easy since the beginning of the month, and that includes not doing much work on Perfect Girl.

Sometimes ideas keep floating through my head though. It's not as much about Sarah, but my alter ego Kirsten gets a lot of my attention while I am bedridden. I am fleshing out her likes and dislikes a bit more. For example, I am seriously considering turning her into a Mariah Carey fan, something that would go along my own past experiences. I am also fleshing out Kirsten's wardrobe beyond Ally McBeal miniskirt suits, and distinguishing her look from Sarah's (while still keeping it hyper-femme); the two will have more distinct appearances, though both based on my own preferences and wardrobe. I am turning Kirsten into a more developed, more complex character, and at the same time, making her even more of my alter ego.

I hope to be reasonably recovered by the time the writing class starts in mid-April.

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