01 February 2006

A new ride for Kirsten?

Kirsten is my alter ego in Perfect Girl, sharing many of my tastes, including a penchant for expensive luxury imports. Since I've been a BMW enthusiast, I have decreed until now that Kirsten shall drive a BMW, like any vain Angeleno, when she makes it big as a Hollywood screenwriter.

But that may change. The Christian tyranny in the American society is getting to me, and BMW's support of Pope Benedict (one of W's most important partners in the crime), and its refusal to extend employee benefits to domestic partners, are really bothering me. I've rambled about this in my regular blog, about whether I should get another BMW or "downgrade" to something like a Honda Civic Hybrid.

Even if I do decide to stay the course and get a BMW, most likely I will make Kirsten drive something else. Los Angeles is a "you are what you drive" society, and as a proud lipstick lesbian, Kirsten must drive something appropriate: in other words, something made by a more gay-friendly company than BMW. I will probably have her end up with either a Subaru Outback or a Saab 9-3; both are nice, sporty cars, with a youthful image, and built by the two most gay-friendly car companies doing business in America. Kirsten's gay pride bumper stickers will be far more at home on these cars than they will ever be on a BMW. In particular, the Saab 9-3, with its quirky ergonomics (including the ignition key slot between the seats), would give a peculiar twist to Kirsten, who otherwise looks too corporate and conservative.

I hope Kirsten will be able to make a bolder personal statement with whatever ride I end up giving her.

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