09 January 2006

Flight Attendant School

The Discovery family of channels are not exactly my favorites. For example, a year ago they took away the Wings channel, which used to be about aviation, and replaced it with the Military Channel, which is little more than the glorification of the neocon war machine and agenda. The Discovery Times (current events) and the standard Discovery Channel also are laden with neocon propaganda and ideology.

But they do have their moments. One of them will be a series that will start this coming Thursday at 9PM on the Travel Channel. It will follow the footsteps of eight real-life applicants at Frontier Airlines in Denver, as they go through the rigors of the flight attendant training program. Since I am trying to get the details of Sarah's flight training right, this will be a very valuable resource. (As it turns out, one of the applicants is also named Sarah!)

By the time I resume my writing in March, I hope to have picked up enough information off of this series to start writing an authentic training experience for my own Sarah. Adding the transgender dimension - being less shy than genetic females, yet having privacy issues when sharing living quarters during training - will make things pretty interesting.

Travel Channel - Flight Attendant School

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