17 January 2006

Flight 93

It looks like A&E channel on cable TV will be showing a movie about what happened on United Airlines Flight 93, one of the four aircraft hijacked on September 11, 2001. This flight, headed for San Francisco from Newark, crashed near Pittsburgh when the passengers, alerted to what was unfolding, took the matter into their own hands and attempted to overcome the hijackers.

In Perfect Girl, Sarah's coworker and first love interest, Martha Jones, will be assigned to first class duty on Flight 93, and will die, along with 40 or so other people on board. Sarah will be devastated as she sits in Paris, on a layover, seeing the horror unfold back in the States, and confirming that Martha was indeed working the flight.

Much of what happened on board is known, due to the doomed passengers using the onboard telephones and cellular phones to talk to their loved ones. It appears that a passenger and a flight attendant were killed in first class when the hijackers first got into action; for the purposes of Perfect Girl, Martha will be the first flight attendant killed, presumably due to her masculine appearance. Sarah, who harbors xenophobic feelings against homophobic foreign cultures as a result of her high school experiences, will go ballistic at any Arab/Muslim in sight for a while. It will be a while before Sarah is able to work again.

I've already written the moments of Sarah's anguish as the events of the horrific day unfold. I need to tweak them, and add the aftermath, once I get more information from the movie and elsewhere.

Flight 93 on A&E

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