30 January 2006

Flight 93, the Movie

As I found more and more information out about it, I discovered that it was produced by the same guy who produced the ultimate W propaganda movie - Saving Jessica Lynch. This, combined the fact that most of the events of this movie are conjectures at best, that the truth will always be hazy, and that some would rather keep this event buried, leads me to conclude that it may be a better idea to not watch the movie.

I did watch the first class and cockpit takeover sequence though, and though dramatization, rather than authenticity, was the key here, I am taking notes on how it happened. I want to incorporate Martha in here, then write it out in a format that Sarah will end up reading - and be saddened and enraged, being unable to deal with Arabs and Muslims for the next few months.

I'll wrap up by saying that all of this could have been prevented with existing intelligence, and W has the blood of over 3,000 Americans (and countless Iraqis) on his hands, for letting 9/11 happen as a propaganda tool to enable his fascist plans - Iraq War and Patriot Act - to happen. Never since Hitler burned the Reichstag, and blamed it on the Communists, has proven terror a great propaganda tool.

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