20 December 2005

Another reminder of Sarah

A few days ago, I was watching my TV, when a United Airlines commercial rolled by; I watched intently, since it's Sarah's airline.

This animated commercial was titled "Interview," where a man takes a United flight to a faraway city for a job interview, only to realize that his shoes didn't match. He walks away disappointed, until a call on his cellular phone reveals that he got the job. Then it turns out, it was all a dream, as he was napping on the United flight, being served by a tall redhead flight attendant.

I love this commercial, because the tall redhead may as well be Sarah, and it feels like I am seeing her just doing her job - and keeping her passengers happy.

I'm gonna watch the commercial again now, as United has uploaded it (and a few other commercials) to its website.

United Rhapsody (commercials website)

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