31 October 2005

Writing Update

I haven't done much, but here are some developments coming up that will help my writing along.

First, the dinner scene, which is taking longer than anticipated. I have developed it quite a bit, and I will try my best to finish it within the next two weeks. I want Sarah to pummel me with questions on why I made her do certain embarrassing things - like a last-minute visit to the sperm bank right before her surgery. We've already found out that I happened to be on the very first international flight that Sarah worked, in December 1999. Sarah is also pleasantly surprised about my similarities to her spouse Kirsten; after all, Kirsten was based on me...

Second, my business will take me to Seoul by the time my dinner scene is done; I will reserve my airline ticket today. It will allow me to visit spots in downtown Seoul, where Sarah and two coworkers strolled about in 2003. I will probably get to visit spots reminding me of Sarah's grandfather Warren and his service in the Korean War, as well as souvenir stores (maybe even the tacky Itaewon district next to the US Army Base) where Sarah bought gifts for Kirsten. In addition to following Sarah's footsteps, I will follow my own footsteps from the past, to gather materials for my memoir. My goal is also to make a day trip to the southern port city of Busan, where my parents grew up - but where I've never been - so that I could hopefully even pick up some cues for a Middlesex-like perspective into a previous generation.

I won't be flying Sarah's airline though; given United's inconvenient schedule, I will be booking with its partner Asiana Airlines instead. Having taken Asiana to China previously, I know that it'll be a pleasant ride.

EDIT: Looks like Busan will be hosting the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit while I am there (November 18-19). With 21 heads of state in town, including W, security will be heavy. I hope it won't be too much of a hassle.

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